Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Mini Cheeseballs & Pecan Pie & Kisses Macaroon Cookies

This is all going to my husband's Christmas party at work tomorrow. I spent most of the day shopping with my daughter Sarah and I didn't have much time left in this day to make things that were labor intensive so I looked online for easy recipes. The mini cheese ball recipe ( www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/holiday-cheese-truffles-62489.aspx) was a cinch and very good. I don't know why I never thought of making mini ones before! I think  they look better than a single, round ball of cheese on a platter.

I have never made pecan pie before in my life until this past weekend. I found this recipe for pecan pie at http://donna-diegel.suite101.com/pecan-pie-recipe-with-toasted-pecans-a78594. My daughter Jennica took it to her boyfriends house (he's a huge fan of pecan pie).  They loved it. So, I made another one! The recipe is super simple. 

The pecan pie

The mini cheese balls. When my daughter Sarah looked at this picture she told me that they look like meatballs... I had to laugh because they kind of do in this picture.

The  recipe for the macaroon cookies is on the Hershey's web site. I love anything that has cream cheese in it.  This recipe is a keeper. The cookie is moist, chewy and just sweet enough with the Hershey kiss on top.

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