Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas in downtown Jefferson, Ohio

 Jefferson, Ohio...it is a quaint, cozy little town. My family and I have lived here since 1989! 
Located in Ashtabula County, the largest county in Ohio.

This picture was taken in the center of town at the Gazebo. 
 Across the street from the gazebo is the Ashtabula County Courthouse. What appears to look like snow is RAIN! It has rained here for the last two days.
 Another view of our gazebo. I really like this picture.
 Welcome to Jefferson, Ohio!
 Trust me when I say that when you step through these doors for a hair cut it really feels like you stepped back in time. I used to take my son there to get his hair cut. Sure seems like so many years ago.
The first business to the left is Extreme Hair. The owner Amy, does a great job! The business on the far left; Deli In The Rye has some of the best food around. The food there is so thoughtfully prepared and delicious. I especially love the warm bread pudding with rum sauce.

 In this picture you can't really see the message on the train but the message says Merry Christmas. I love the fact that it says that instead of Happy Holidays.

Jefferson Diner... this is another business in town that when you walk in, it feels like you're in a different era. My husband and I go here for what we call the gravy boat. On the menu it is the open faced sliced turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. But, the way we order it is with french fries instead of mashed potatoes and gravy over the whole thing! I know, it's so bad for you. But, oh sooo goood.
 This is a side view of the court house and our main street.
 I had a neighbor, her name was Dorothy, she turned 98 years old just before she moved to live with her daughter. Dorothy used to tell my husband and I stories about  how her father helped build this church. Every time I walk by this church I think about Dorothy. She passed away at the age of 101 a few years ago.

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