Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 2 of my Christmas baking: Mrs. Bell's Cookies Part II

The final product: Mrs. Bell's cookies

Oh my goodness are these cookies are a lot of work to make! But, they are very much worth it. I've already ate oh, maybe 6-8 of these. 
I asked my neighbor Fran today ( the lady that gave me the recipe ) who is Mrs. Bell? Fran told me that her sister used to be a hair dresser and Mrs. Bell was an older lady that used to get her hair done at where Fran's sister used to work. Fran's sister and Mrs. Bell used to swap recipes and that is how Fran acquired the recipe. Mrs. Bell has since passed away. 
I also asked Fran how long has she had the recipe( remember Fran is 94 years old) and she said to me, "Oh, many years now." So, who knows where Mrs.Bell got this recipe from, if she created it herself, or if was passed down from her family or someone else.  I will definitely keep this recipe and only make it at Christmas time and pass the recipe down to my kids because it is such a special little cookie with a story.....

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