Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting the Christmas tree

This is the perfect tree!

My husband and I

Prepping the tree

The Christmas tree lot with lit bulbs hanging
I've always wanted to go to a place that sells Christmas trees where there are lit light bulbs hanging up around the lot. In all of my 40 something years of life I have never been to one. Either my family have gone during the day to get a tree or we have gone to a tree farm to cut our own. I know, I know... it sounds silly. It just reminds of a scene in a movie where the character lives in a big city and goes to a vacant lot lit by light bulbs hanging around it. Well, this year my husband insisted that we go to one and we did tonight. Was it everything that I imagined? Well, it was quaint but, I have to admit, it was just like getting a Christmas anywhere else except that there were lit bulbs hanging around! No great shakes. I guess my imagination got the best of me there!
My husband and I had a great time picking out the most perfect tree ever and then dinner at Applebee's afterward.

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