Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Shower Cupcakes

My sister in law hired me to make cupcakes for a baby shower that is today. She said to me that the shower is for a girl and that she wanted to show off my work! First of all I was extremely flattered that she would say that but at the same time I thought to myself I better try to give these cupcakes the WOW factor! I don't know if I hit the WOW factor but I sure did try to!!!!

Keep in mind that everything that I do I've learned how to do just by researching the internet and or images and looking up ideas. You tube has a been a big help when it comes to visual tutorials! So, I am a newbie when it comes to working with fondant. I saw an image of a cupcake decorated like this and thought I would give it a whirl. This was my first attempt at trying this.

The cupcakes are chocolate, from
My all time favorite chocolate cupcake recipe!
I filled these cupcakes with marshmallow creme filling. Here is the recipe for that:

Marshmallow creme filling:
1- 7 ounce jar of marshmallow creme
1/2 cup of shortening
1/3cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons of hot water
1 teaspoon of vanilla

I mix all of these ingredients together until fluffy, about 2-3 minutes.

After I cored out the middle of these cupcakes I filled them with the marshmallow creme, iced them with vanilla butter cream and then tucked a fondant head and hands into the frosting and then topped that with a pink fondant blankie.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fondant Calla Lilly, Chocolate, White Chocolate-Cream Cheese Filled Cupcakes
I made these a few weekends ago for a bridal shower. I bought a certain color for green fondant  leaves but the color was all wrong and it was too late to go the store so I had to improvise. I used white chocolate for the leaves instead. It worked.

I can't believe that I haven't been on here for months. Right after my last post in April, mine and my children's lives changed literally in one morning. That one morning, my husband of 27 years, decided that our marriage was over. I was completely shocked.
So, as anyone can imagine, since then it has been a struggle for me trying to pick up the pieces of what he left behind, learning how to be independent, entering the work force, learning new skills and working through a divorce through all of that.
I have to be honest, at first I thought that I couldn't do it. As time goes by, I've learned that I can do all these things and more. Each day I've become stronger, more confident, more independent and I'm proud of myself. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that with all of my heart. Good things have come into my life since then. My life has changed for the better........
With that being said, as to why I haven't been posting my latest adventures in baking......I'm back!
I've missed baking....... so, here me ROAR! Here I go again......