Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost Sugar Free Icing

Yesterday I made sugar free carrot cake cupcakes for the first time. They weren't too bad but definitely tasted sugar free because there was absolutely no sugar added to the cupcake. I accidentally discovered an almost sugar free icing for the top and let me tell you I was sooo impressed by the flavor and consistency. With this icing on top the whole cupcake came together and tasted like a treat! I make a fluffy cream cheese icing that is the best and I wondered what it would be like with no sugar added and it worked!

Almost sugar-free icing:

1- 8 ounce package of Philadelphia cream cheese
1- small container of Cool Whip topping
10 packets of Splenda sweetener 

Mix all ingredients together until fluffy. About 3 -5 minutes.
It will be fluffy enough to pipe on top of your cupcakes.

*The icing does have a small amount of sugar from the cool whip.

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