Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swine Creek Reservation

Yesterday it was absolutely beautiful here in this part of Ohio. It was sunny and about 45 degrees. Not bad for January 8th! My husband and I went to Swine Creek Reservation / and to the End of the Commons General Store Since Scott and I first met we have been going to Swine Creek for hikes and then to the general store after wards for snacks at least once or twice a year. My favorite time of the year to go to Swine Creek is in March, when the sap is flowing and the sugar house is in operation making maple syrup. You can actually go into the sugar house, watch the production of the maple syrup and (my favorite part) sample the maple syrup! 
This wooden Amish buggy and horse is in front of End of the Commons General store.

End of the Commons General Store.

This is beside the general store building.

The sugar house at Swine Creek.

Us playing

My husband and I walking the trail that we had walked together when we were teenagers.
We took our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend with us yesterday. We hiked, climbed monster hills, walked the creek and played like we were kids again with our stick swords. It was a great day!

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  1. Hi Vicki ~ what a great day you had! I love times like that...going to cool places with my hubby and then taking a nice hike. Great weather we're having for January, huh? You asked on my blog what kinds of things I'm putting in my "Smash Book". Anything and everything, really. I don't have many photos in mine - mainly quotes and poems that I've collected over the years, as well as comics that have caught my eye, ticket stubs and pamphlets from places I've gone to, letters people have written to me, special cards, etc.